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Since I haven't seen any Escape The Fate imagine blogs, I decided to make one myself. This blog consists of one writer; ~L. I'll write just about anything, from smut to fluffy, from old ETF to new ETF, about any of the members that are and have been in ETF. Whatever you want written, just drop it in my ask box and I'll get to it asap. :]


Only Imagines

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Anonymous said: Does Max has a weird teeth? I've seen something in a lot of pics but I haven't met him or seen him in person to know for sure... That's why I'm asking... And what's your fav time for Max physically? He's been through a lot of changes physically...

Weird teeth? I mean they’re not straight but idk. I wouldn’t call them weird. He’s got a cute smile lol

Uhm fav time for him physically; either when ETF first started or now. He’s got muscles now ;)


Anonymous said: You're still taking request though right??

Of course :)


(Detailed, romantic smut in this)(Yay my writing muse is back!!! This was also one of the first imagines in the askbox so I’m going to try to work from the bottom, getting the earlier imagines done first.)(Written by ~L)

You were never really one for the outdoors so when your boyfriend Michael brought up the idea of going camping for a weekend, you were completely against it. As time passed, Michael pushed more and more for it, explaining that it would be a new experience for you and you’d like the spot that he wanted to camp at. You found him to be really persuasive and after a few weeks of him making puppy dog eyes and pouting at you, you finally gave in.

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I got my writing muse back!!! I got an idea for another fanfiction so I started that but tomorrow night(actually tonight since it’s almost 7am for me) before working on the fanfiction, I will get a few imagines done for you guys since I know you all have been waiting for a few.

So yes, new imagines will be up within the next two days. :)







Parenting: You’re doing it right.

Metal parenting \m/

this is going to be me

this is me

reblogging for the craigafer again

Aw so many notes on Craig & Leila :’)

This is fucking precious


Happy birthday Craig Edward Mabbit <3


U-Feeeeeeeeest by caige


U-Feeeeeeeeest by caige

Let’s rage Ufest!

Let’s rage Ufest!

Photo by @Jeremysaffer

Photo by @Jeremysaffer

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