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Since I haven't seen any Escape The Fate imagine blogs, I decided to make one myself. This blog consists of one writer; ~L. I'll write just about anything, from smut to fluffy, from old ETF to new ETF, about any of the members that are and have been in ETF. Whatever you want written, just drop it in my ask box and I'll get to it asap. :]


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Anonymous said: Craig's mustache makes him look like a creep tbh

It’s slowly growing on me…but I mostly want to shave it off for him…TJ however looks FANTASTIC with facial hair. And I don’t like facial hair so that says a lot.




Escape The Fate 2014
Fotos: Jeremy Saffer.

Robert got me feeling some kind of way

Anonymous said: I'm the one who wrote you about music, and no, I'm not 40, yes, I'm way older than you but what makes me sad is that when I was growing up I've always paid more attention to music than if the guys are cute or not, what I'm trying to say is that music these days and fangirls (not you) are just a phase, they listen to the band who are "cool with hot guys" and not pay attention to where the real rock was born... I get your point and I respect you for that. I just wanted to say something. Kisses.

That’s how it was for everyone growing up. I mean when I first heard ETF I was 12 and couldn’t give a shit who was in the band and who wasn’t. I think the only two bands I listened to and actually knew who was in the band was MCR and MSI and even then I didn’t care about their appearances. Not everyone who’s in a bandom only listens to the music because ‘oh my god these guys are so hawt.’ As we’ve all grown older and gained more access to the internet, we decided to look up who’s in these bands and it just so happens that the majority of the people in these bands we listen to are attractive. So of course there’s going to be that factor of ‘these guys’ music is amazing and they’re really attractive’ when talking about them to other people. 

I totally get what you mean because there are some fans who don’t care about older rock bands or bands with ‘ugly guys’ but the amount of fans like that only make up maybe 1-3% of any bandom. Yes it may be just a ‘phase’ for some but for most, it’s not. I will listen to ETF, FIR, MCR, MSI and several other bands including older rock bands for the rest of my life. And I’m sure a lot of other fans will too.

I appreciate your input and respect what you’re saying, but please realize, not all fans are as superficial as they may come off.


lynnrunnfree said: I saw your response to that one person who was calling out people for being fangirls. And let me just tell you how you just won my total respect for you. You took the high road and told him facts instead of just cussing him out. Keep being a badass!

Awhh yeahhh. I got that message and immediately smiled and cracked my knuckles. I have so many memories of listening to the Big 105.9, Miami’s Classic Rock station during our weekend bbqs, like I love classic rock, I love the music my parents and aunts grew up listening to because I grew up listening to it too.


Anonymous said: What exactly happened with Ronnie that you say that he could be an ass?

He’s just a butt sometimes. I don’t agree with how he pays more attention to the haters than he does his actual fans and it just strikes a nerve with me.


Anonymous said: So funny, you girls are only 17, 18, and you look up to someone since you're 8, and you think you're rockers, god... You should listen to some really good music. Not saying that ETF or FIR is horrible but you should listen to the guys who took rock to another level, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles... OMG fangirls make me sick. For real. Sorry not sorry.

I was actually raised on The Beatles, Santana, The Who, Journey, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath to name a few. My parents(my dad mostly) always blasted those bands and many others during road trips to see my family or just because around the house. One of my favorite Beatles songs was Yellow Submarine, my dad and I used to sing along to Crazy Train, I got my mom and aunt kicked out of a place for dancing to Santana with my aunt when I was four, and even now I listen to more bands from that era I guess you could say. Especially music from the 60s, ever see Pirate Radio? That movie’s soundtrack is glorious.

Basically what I’m trying to say is there are few fans that ONLY listen to ETF and FIR. I may be just one fan but still. Chances are other fans like me were raised on other music that they do probably hold close to their heart.

The way you talk makes you sound like some forty year old woman bitching about the younger generation and honestly I’m sick of being categorized in with the ‘fangirls’. I have a blog, I like to write and ETF was a huge inspiration for my writing when I started out, that does not make me just another fangirl.

I don’t think I’m a ‘rocker’ and other fans don’t either. I can’t sing or play any instrument for shit so I am indeed not a rocker. I’m 19(you were basically a year off, whatevs) and I don’t look at these guys in ETF or FIR as idols, I look at them as friends for reasons that I will keep to myself because I’ve already explained too much of my life to a simple peon like you.

Basically what I’m trying to get at through this huge explanation is if the fact that 16 and 17 year olds look up to grown men in rock bands (much like it was back during our parents’ teenage years) bothers you than you seriously need to stop and reevaluate your life. Something as simple as ‘fangirls’ should not bother you to where you feel the need to come into my askbox and basically insult an entire fanbase(actually two because you included FIR).

If you know anything about the era where rock really kind of generated from (for lack of better wording), than you would know that women and girls around the world screamed and fainted over the Beatles, AC DC, Aerosmith and several other huge rock bands. Compared to that, most of us ‘fangirls’ are pretty mild(not saying there aren’t a few fans like that though).

Sorry not sorry. Go away.

And one more thing, don’t treat us like we’re uneducated twats when it comes to music.


Anonymous said: Any idea when you'll be posting anything new? You've only posted one imagine since February ._. :(

I knowwww I’ve been a horrible admin. D:

I really don’t know when I’ll be putting any new imagines up. I haven’t been in the mood to write and as I’ve said before, I don’t like rushing an imagine just to put something out there and have it be shitty.

I’m sorry guys! :(


Anonymous said: He's hanging out Lexus now... Wow ew.



Anonymous said: I hate to say it but I feel like we're going to end up saying goodbye to sober Max. And soon.

I REALLY hope that doesn’t happen. :/ Idk I feel that Max is too proud of himself to throw it away. Plus he’s past his one year sobriety and the first year is always the hardest.


Anonymous said: I'm starting to not like Max anymore and the person he's becoming. I'm afraid that he won't stay sober.. It's sad that I can't say I look up to him anymore because I've loved him since I was 8 and I just turned 17. I see Max heading down a bad road again along side Ronnie..

It really is upsetting. He’s living in Ronnie’s shadow yet again and while it was cute before, because they were just out of high school, now it’s pathetic because that’s what people do when they don’t know who they are. I did it with my cousin when I was younger, I was just finding out who I really was and anything and everything my cousin did, I did. But Max is 29 now. I was about 10-14 when I did that. It’s acceptable for teenagers and people right out of high school to try and act like their older friend, but not when you’re an adult yourself. It’s really upsetting. I mean he hasn’t changed as a person when you meet him, he always acts stoked on life and happy to talk to his fans, but on social media there is a HUGE difference with how he acts now since he’s in FIR with Ronnie.

I really hope both Ronnie and Max stay sober, I really do. And I personally will go after anyone who threatens their sobriety or causes either of them to relapse. And that’s a promise. Those two mean the world to me, no matter how much of an ass Ronnie can be.

The best thing for the fans to do really is keep our hopes up that the worst won’t happen.


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